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Flower Travellin’ Band U.S.A.

March 14, 2009

I first became aware of Flower Travellin’ Band as dudes riding motorcycles naked on the cover of Julian Cope’s book “Japrocksampler: How the Post-War Japanese Blew Their Minds on Rock ‘n’ Roll”. As striking as this image is, what really hooked me on this band was hearing their masterpiece album, Satori. Long before Boris, FTB was creating heavy psyche rock from the land of the rising sun. Imagine my surprise when I saw that they are on tour in the states. Out of all the kooked-out music biz bullshit that goes on at SXSW, here is something that is actually interesting, but surely will not make headlines for hipster music blogs next week. Flower Travellin’ Band plays Smokin’ Music @ 504 Trinity St. on March 19th during SXSW with certain followers Endless Boogie, Entrance Band and Radio Moscow. Try and look it up here. Now will someone please book a Los Angeles show!!!??? Pentagram reunion too, please. Here’s a cool FTB video with music from Satori

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  1. Jess holzworth permalink
    March 21, 2009 4:08 pm



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