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BE FOREWARNED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

April 14, 2009


Ask… and YE SHALL RECEIVE!!!!!

I have it on good authority that Pentagram will be playing Los Angeles on July 3rd!  PUMPED!!!!!

Note: Who does Bobby Liebling think he is? Or, more to the point, what he is? Is it only in his later years that Pentagram’s leader and primary songwriter made the connection between himself and the ghastly underworld figure that he portrays himself as on the inner gatefold of the recent SHOW ‘EM HOW LP? Or did Bobby Liebling always suspect that he was more, much much more, than the ‘dinosaur relic stuck in the twilight zone’ that cruel contemporaries (successful mechanics and computer operators, most likely) and chiding older authority figures have been accusing him of being for the past four decades? Rock’n’rollers of the ‘70s all were victims, at some point or another, of accusers who pulled the ‘grow out of it’ card. And I identify personally with Bobby Liebling when he sings on the title track of this LP: ‘Some think of me as fried, but it’s a choice of my own’. Right on, brother motherfucker. Because however much I think I’m making sense to the world at large, there’ll always be those who dismiss it as ravings from the Underworld. But whereas I recorded my first songs (‘Sleeping Gas’ EP) in ’78 and had some measure of instant success, Bobby Liebling recorded his first songs in ’72 and did not. Separating me and Herr Liebling was a thing called Punk, a would-be anarchic phenomenon which freed things up considerably. That Bobby kept plugging away year after year, clawing his way up the slope often only to slip back down again into what he calls the sub-basement suggests to me that he believed in rock’n’roll not because it was the only thing he could do, but because, come the Norse Goddess Hell herself or high water, it was Bobby Liebling’s destiny on leaving this world to pass through the Portals of Paradise as Mr Bobby Motherfucking Liebling Rock’n’roll Star. It is by now a given that, thirty years from now, Bobby will – even among the future equivalents of orthodox rock rags such as Mojo, Spin, Rolling Stone – have long ago taken his place in the rock pantheon. For it’s surely the destiny of the true artists to navigate their way not through but around the temporary trail of slimy shit that celebrity slugs contentedly ooze along on. And – like Scott ‘Wino’ Weinrich, Mizutani of Les Rallizes Denudes, Joe ‘Thrones’ Preston, Todd ‘Tamanend’ Clark, and precious few more – Bobby Liebling is one of those Primary Navigators we must salute again and again for exhibiting the dogged determination to not Lay-down-and-die-goodbye but to keep the motherfucking pot simmering so we all can have a little taste. Oo ja!

from Julian Cope’s review of Pentagram’s Sub-Basement 2001

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