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Royal Trux – High Times September 1997

April 15, 2009
High Times Magazine 1997

High Times Magazine 1997

Here’s an old Royal Trux interview from the September 1997 issue of everybody’s favorite head magazine High Times.  I thought this one was interesting since it represents a rare interview including Neil… I guess he was up to talking about getting high… I don’t believe the smoking cough syrup part, but who knows?  Also, there is a funny story from when this came out.  Jennifer picked up this particular issue of High Times at an airport en route to Bermuda for a vacation.  Customs officials in Bermuda saw fit to detain Ms. Herrema because of her reading material and this detainment soon led to an x-ray, as in to look in her stomach to see if she was smuggling… the whole while the guards were simply not buying the assertion that the only reason Jennifer bought the magazine was to read her interview.


free at last... Jennifer in Bermuda

free at last... Jennifer in Bermuda

the hippy look

the hippy look

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