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Harvey Milk / Wildildlife

July 14, 2009


Volcom Ent Vinyl Club is killing it!!!!  The last split single has been some of my favorite new music and the latest Harvey Milk / Wildildlife can give that one a run for its money.  Where the last record was a blazing fast and furious shredder this one cruises in a different gear entirely… basically the lowest and  while driving straight up the side of a glacier.  The Harvey Milk side is wicked slow (one might think they are listening at the wrong speed) and plods gracefully along revealing some of that sweet emotion in a song about when it’s you that is in the ground, six feet under and looking up.  Wildildlife is also slow and brooding.  Their tune tickles the psychedelic noodle in your brain… sorta like early Butthole Surfers… only massively HEAVY… bonafide face melter, albeit a slow burn.  Totally epic 7″… get it while you can!



UPDATE: You can hear the songs at these links:
In the Ground

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  1. July 30, 2009 11:49 am

    bad ass! ..been hesitating on the Volcoment subscription. thought i might only really dig Battletorn. -you said it..crucial shit! new blog- i just did a post on Children (heard of em?) and Battletorn. Thought both bands would be huge by now..

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