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Pentagram Kid!!!!!……… SUFFER!!!!!! Confessor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

July 25, 2009


… just wanted to post this drawing by Michael C. Hsiung that accompanied the interview I did with Bobby Liebling for those that don’t get the chance to see it printed on glorious newsprint. I think this drawing came out pretty damn funny… you got a chubby looking Bobby yelling at a kid and making him cry. I seriously wish more musicians would take this tact towards the youth.

For some reason seeing that kid cry made me think of “Suffer” by Confessor. I grew up watching them because they were the best metal band in my hometown. They put out a record for Earache in like ’92 which was weird cuz they had little in common with other bands on the label like Napalm Death and Carcass. They didn’t play fast and the singer actually sang. Here’s what it looked like back in the day…

… and at a waterpark…

BTW… this waterprak shit is the baddest shit I’ve seen in forever!!! Fact: I am a Confessor homer and bassist Carey got on Wolfpack Weapons in this video, but still… this is some bad shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

wait a fuckin minute…. is dude playing drums bare footed??!!!!!!

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