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Long Beach Funk Fest!!!!!!

August 31, 2009

I caught the Dawn Silva set at the Funk Fest in downtown Long Beach yesterday and had a shit ton of fun hanging out in the street drinking beer out of a paper cup. As it turns out… me and Dawn get our hair done at the same place.
dawn silva

How come most people these days can’t be bothered to listen to good music? Are folks worried about being cool or are they just plain lazy? I mean seriously, y’all don’t have to listen to the shit that is marketed (more like force fed) to you cuz there is tons of great music to go around. I can guarantee that the band I saw last night was WAY better than the last “amazing” band you saw… check out Blackbyrd McKnight fuckin shredding.

The whole band was sick. In addition to Dawn and Blackbyrd, there was Jerry Martini and Cynthia Robinson from the original Sly and the Family Stone band making this a P Funk Family Affair.


Everybody had a good time… and for free!!!!

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