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Garry “STARCHILE” Shider RIP

June 19, 2010


Life on Earth got a little less FUNKY this week when PARLIAMENT / FUNKADELIC lifer Garry Shider passed away after losing the fight to brain and lung cancer… before boarding the Mothership to destination eternity.

He is a legend. As the story goes… a teenage Garry would duck out of church to hang out at George Clinton’s barbershop in Plainfield, NJ and his early group, United Soul, basically got absorbed by Parliament. Garry Shider was a bitchin’ guitar player who was also capable of belting out a lead vocal that can make the hairs stand up on the back of your neck… seriously, some of my all-time favorite vocal performances have got to be by Garry.

Later in his career, Garry was easily recognizable as the dude in the diaper fashioned from a towel… a bold look, no doubt! I briefly met the man some 10+ years ago at a P-Funk All Stars photoshoot in New York and he did not disappoint as he paused from the joint he was smoking to introduce himself clad in the signature look.

Garry Shider is forever badass!!! Much love!!! Much respect!!!! Thanks for all the inspiration!!!!!

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  1. viktoree chimpp permalink
    June 21, 2010 11:48 pm

    Swing down sweet chariot…

    You freed my mind, and my ass did indeed follow.

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