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August 18, 2010

… been a while since I’ve posted up here, so I’ll try to make this a good one.

I’ve put together a bunch of magic movies from a bunch a shows I checked out recently.

… on supposedly their last tour ever, Scorpions were fuckin BADASS!!! They sounded so good and looked so stoked and Klaus Meine threw, like, a thousand drum sticks into the audience.

fuck the dumb shit, right? This is arena rock!!! Scorps wrote the kinda songs that require an arena or stadium just to be performed and enjoyed in the right manner. My seat was pretty bunk, but listen to how fuckin boomin this shit sounds!!!

The OG Stone City Band show at the 2nd Annual Long Beach Funk Fest was one helluva TIGHT show. I don’t know who the singer is, but he might as well have been a re-animated Rick James cuz he nailed all the vocal nuances and had the look down to the braids and all.

I had a blast at the MGMT show at the Fox Theater in Pomona. Helios Creed opened the show and was an overall sign that this was gonna be a good show. MGMT fans were off the hook!!! You can hear them chanting the words to all the songs over the actual music… what a trip!!!

JJ got on stage and joined in on “Flash Delirium” which was, like, an extra special thrill seeing as I haven’t seen her perform in a while now. You can see her boogeying in the latest Road Tested video where Volcom nicked some of my footage.

SAINT VITUS… ’nuff said.

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