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Cats ‘n’ f-n’ Dogs

August 28, 2010

This is not exactly fast breaking news, but I learned something that’s exciting about the reissues of Royal Trux Cats and Dogs, via the Drag City newsletter, that I thought was worth sharing. The way they tell it can be a hard to follow, so I offer this synopsis of their message:

This past Tuesday, Drag City has reissued the album which originally came out in 1994. It will be available on 180 gram vinyl, CD and cassette… yup… they got tapes. In addition to all that, they will soon have throwback t-shirts for sale… DC is basically re-making the same merch that RT sold on the road when CnD came out. Cool… right?
,,, more on that below…

… not the same shirt that Drag City will be selling, but pretty f-n’ cool nonetheless… check out this killer, vintage Trux shirt I uncovered recently… never been worn!?! Super SICK long sleeve… black… with front and back screen print in silver and white… like Raiders colors. I’m afraid to wear it cuz it’s been sitting around so long it’s a lil’ dry rotted and I think the first wear will likely be the last… still, I could never bring myself to get rid of it.

Cats and Dogs quickly comes to mind when I think of CLASSIC Royal Trux albums. Back in the day some doofus Rolling Stone writer dubbed it, “the missing link between the Stones’ Exile on Main Street and Sonic Youth’s Daydream Nation.”… I gotta call bullshit on Sonic Youth… cuz, I don’t see any connection there at all… maybe Kim Gordon’s look on the right in the screen grab below has something to do with that kind of comparison.

BTW… the tee that Lady Youth is wearing is the same design that will soon be available from Drag City.


… now for the fast breaking news… really f-n’ PUMPED on this shit!!!

…reissues of Thank You and Sweet Sixteen are in the works through some label called Plain Recordings, which is a reissue label that doesn’t yet have a website that is distributed by City Hall Records. Here’s a screen grab from their online catalog.

Pretty cool that these major label Trux records will get the treatment right on schedule with the reissues that Drag City has going… Really, super cool if these both come out on CD and vinyl… Sweet Sixteen has never been made on vinyl… HA!!! One great thing about Sweet Sixteen on vinyl will be the 12″ x 12″ display of one of the raddest album covers from a major label in the ’90s… if not the raddest of all time ever!!!!

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  1. viktoree chimpp permalink
    September 2, 2010 4:44 pm

    I was wondering what would happen with the Virgin albums when it came to the Drag City reissues. Drag City did release Thank You on vinyl so I was hoping they would do so again, and get license to release Sweet Sixteen also. One of my dreams has been a Sweet Sixteen vinyl release – for the music, but also the art as you so gloriously displayed in your post!

    I’ve heard of Plain Recordings but am not really familiar with them. I hope their mastering and pressing do justice to these albums.

    Sweet Sixteen is a particular favourite of mine. I never understood why it was so maligned. I feel it really hangs together as a whole album. Dense and detailed production. Great lyrics, often presenting stories with a cryptic cinematic quality. Weirdness abounds but it rocks too. And probably more extended Hagerty solos than any other Trux album.

  2. September 6, 2010 9:21 pm

    man i watched this old trux shirt go for $82 the other day on ebay so it’s rad to see them making reprinting some oldies.
    too awesome about the vinyl repress (and on tape!!!!!!!! need that for sure) and man i remember seeing that sweet 16 cd at the record store when i was real young and just being like whooooo is this?? naturally i bought it on the cover art alone, not knowing anything about them yet..

  3. viktoree chimpp permalink
    September 22, 2010 4:26 pm

    Interesting interview with Jennifer here:

    Includes references to the reissue program, and comments about the rights of the Virgin albums reverting to Jennifer & Neil in about a year.

  4. September 26, 2010 9:02 am

    ha – Saw the trux silver/glitter t-shirt at amoeba and snatched one L up – now I see it’s part of the reissue. I’d like that bat one, though. Nobody does Transylvanian bats like JJ.
    The Thank You cover has proven itself to be a timeless masterpiece of instant revulsion…

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