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rezurrect that shit… so to speak

April 7, 2011

Resurrect — RTX


sneak peak! Return of the banana song queen…

March 19, 2011

RTX has been working on some dope new tunes for a full length album. Its been a while since the last one, so if you are really curious how the new stuff is shapin’ up… here’s a tip. Volcom girls have put together a new video clip about their coolest collaborator for their new blog that’s supposed to launch on Monday… it’s up on youtube now and it’s about 2 minutes of new RTX music.

WTF!!! surfboard kickflip

March 9, 2011

I’m not a big surfy dude, but my hat’s off to Zoltan Torkos for getting the first filmed, legit kickflip on a surf board on a wave in Santa Cruz. Volcom put up a $10k prize purse for whoever got it first… back in, like, 2007. Initially Zoltan’s effort was denied due to an above the lip rule. Eventually, Volcom’s Mikey G gave Zoltan the money and hella props… plus, the above the lip stakes got jacked to 20 G’s!!! BTW Mikey G is just about the coolest dude ever and the only person I can think of to successfully slide a fuckin’ skate rail in the ocean… just sayin’… good lookin’ out everybody and NICE ONE ZOLTAN!!!

SC surfers are nutzzz!!!

Baby, I just don’t care… Nothin’

March 4, 2011

DEATH / RTX Los Angeles

February 10, 2011

Make Your Blood Run Cold

February 3, 2011

click the picture for a rad interview

OC life — Cerebral Ballzy

January 26, 2011

come out and rage!!!

Volcom Entertainment presents invites everyone out for a free show at Detroit Bar on February 8th. This show is the Orange County debut of America’s most exciting new punk band Cerebral Ballzy from New York. Come out and rage with us to their fast and furious sounds. Be sure to show up to yell and holler because this performance is being recorded for a future Volcom Ent Vinyl Club release. Also featuring special guests Crazy Band from Los Angeles and Costa Mesa locals TRMRS.
… and once again… THIS SHOW IS FREE ADMISSION!!!